If anyone among you thinks he is religious, and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his own heart, this one's religion is useless (James 1:26)

Sunday School ( Grade 6&7 Boys)

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Freely you have received, freely give.

Monthly Curriculum

Bible Curriculum

Spiritual & Special Topics (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
Types of Martyrs 2012_9_wk2 Rami Zachari
The Characteristics of God 2012_11_wk1 Rami Zachari
Obedience 2012_12_wk3 Mina Rezk
Bride of Isaac 2012_12_wk4 Rami Zachari
Jesus and Our problems 2013_1_wk3 Mina Rezk
Prodigal Son 2013_2_wk1 Paul Tokuda
Beautiful Queen Esther 2013_2_wk3 Paul Tokuda
Eye Exam The Born Blind 2013_3_wk3 Paul Tokuda
Spiritual & Special Topics (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
Growing In Faith 2011_10_wk1 Maged Shaker
Believe that Jesus can heal 2011_10_wk2 Rami Zachari
Open Question 2011_10_wk4 Mina Rezk
Believe willingly and immediately 2011_11_wk1 Rami Zachari
Believing in God when nobody believes 2011_10_wk3 Maged Shaker
Spiritual & Special Topics (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
The Prodigal Son 2011_02_wk1 Lesson Mina Rezk
Jonah the Prophet 2011_02_wk2 Marc Ibrahim
Esther Bible Study (no PPT) 2011_02_wk3 Handout Rami Zachari
The Prodigal Son (no PPT) 2011_03_wk1 Lesson
2011_03_wk1 Handout
Mina Rezk
Saint Mary the Egyptian (no PPT) 2011_03_wk4 Handout Rami Zachari
Well Rounded Personality (no PPT) 2011_06_wk4 Handout Rami Zachari