For where your treasure is , there your heart will be also(Matthew 6:21)

Sunday School ( Grade 4&5 Girls)

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Freely you have received, freely give.

Monthly Curriculum

Bible Curriculum

Spiritual & Special Topics (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
New Year Intro Lesson 2012_9_wk1 Nermin Ibrahim
The parable of the Sower 2012_9_wk1 Makram Guirguis
How to deal with other religions 2012_9_wk2 Sandra Mentiady
BIBLE 101 2012_9_wk4 Marina Rezk
Elijah and the widow (1) 2012_10_wk1 Makram Guirguis
Elijah and the widow (2) 2012_10_wk1 Sandra Mentiady
Bible 204 The Story of Elisha 2012_10_wk3 Marina Rezk
Eli the Priest 2012_11_wk2 Sandra Mentiady
Jesus disciples 2012_11_wk4 Gihan Hanna
Elijah the mountain man 2012_12_wk1 Nermin Ibrahim
Apostolic Era 2012_12_wk2 Marina Rezk
St. Paul 2012_12_wk3 Sandra Mentiady
Saint John and the repentant Thief 2013_1_wk2 Marina Rezk
The Widow’s two coins 2013_1_wk1 Nermin Ibrahim
The rich man and Lazarus 2013_1_wk3 Gihan Hanna
King Solomon 2013_1_wk4 Nermin Ibrahim
Jeopardy Esther 2013_2_wk1 Sandra Mentiady
Jonah and the whale (Confession) 2013_2_wk2 Gihan Hanna
Ruth and the love of neighbors 2013_2_wk2 Marina Rezk
Ruth and the love of neighbors 2013_2_wk3 Marina Rezk
Samaritan Woman 2013_3_wk1 Marina Rezk
The cross 2013_3_wk3 Gihan Hanna
Spiritual & Special Topics (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
Nayrouz 2011_09_wk3 Mira Amin
Deborah the Judge Form 2011_09_wk4 Myrna Megalla
The Prophets and the Poisonous Food 2011_10_wk2 Myrna Megalla
Zacchaeus 2011_10_wk3 Mira Amin
Haggai 2011_10_wk4 Mira Amin
Jesus Heals the Bleeding Woman 2011_11_wk2 Myrna Megalla
Exile In Babylon 2011_11_wk3 Fabiola Tokuda
Bronze Serpent 2011_12_wk1 Mira Amin
The Parable of the 10 Virgins 2011_12_wk2 Myrna Megalla
Canaanite Women Daugther 2011_12_wk3 Mira Amin
Visit of men from East 2012_1_wk1 Fabiola Tokuda
St. John the Evangelist and the Repented Thief 2012_1_wk2 Myrna Megalla
St John 2012_1_wk3 Mira Amin
St Paul Persecuted 2012_2_wk1 Myrna Megalla
The Child Samuel 2012_2_wk2 Maryam
David & Mephibosheth 2012_2_wk3 Fabiola Tokuda
Sanctification of the day of God (the Lord's day) 2012_3_wk3 Myrna Megalla
Passion Week 2012_4_wk1 Mira Amin
Showers of Blessings 2012_4_wk2 Gihan Hanna
I want to change for the Better Part1 2012_5_wk1 Fabiola Tokuda
Jeopardy mid-Mahragan 2012 Review 2012_6_wk2 Fabiola Tokuda
Priests Cloths 2012_6_wk4 Gihan Hanna
Pope Kyrollos the 5th 2012_7_wk1 Fabiola Tokuda
COMPLETE Jeopardy Mahragan 2012 2012_7_wk2 Fabiola Tokuda
FinalTEST Complete Mahragan 2012 2012_8_wk1 Fabiola Tokuda
Saint Mary 2012_8_wk1 Marina Rezk
Build a strong relationship with God 2012_8_wk2 Fabiola Tokuda
Parable of the Sower 2012_8_wk4 Marina Rezk
Spiritual & Special Topics (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
St Thecla and the Word of God (no PPT) 2010_10_wk1 Handout Michael Gawargy
Joshua and Faith (no PPT) 2010_10_wk2 Handout Michael Gawargy
Obedience and Blessings (no PPT) 2010_11_wk1 Handout Michael Gawargy
Parable of the Ten Virgins (no PPT) 2010_12_wk2 Handout Michael Gawargy
Feasts of the Lord 2011_01_wk5 Michael Gawargy
Tax Collector and Pharisee 2011_02_wk1 Lesson
2011_02_wk1 Handout
Lina Youssef
Zacchaeus sees the Lord 2011_02_wk3 Michael Gawargy
A Respectful Conversation 2011_03_wk1 Lesson
2011_03_wk1 Handout
Lina Youssef
Sins of the Tongue 2011_03_wk2 Michael Gawargy
Anger 2011_03_wk4 Lesson
2011_03_wk4 Handout
Lina Youssef
Good Relationships with Others 2011_04_wk1 Michael Gawargy
Holy Week 2011_04_wk2 Ihab Samuel
The Road to Emmaus 2011_05_wk1 Michael Gawargy
Healing the Bleeding Woman 2011_05_wk2 Michael Gawargy
Christ Our Redeemer Redeemer Script
2011_05_wk5 Lesson
2011_05_wk5 Handout
Lina Youssef
Based on
Passover Lamb (Christ our Saviour) 2011_06_wk3 Lesson
2011_06_wk3 Handout
Lina Youssef
Our Lord Jesus Christ is Always with Me 2011_07_wk1 Lesson
2011_07_wk1 Handout
Lina Youssef
The Gift of Being One Body 2011_07_wk2 Maged Shaker
Well Rounded Personality 2011_07_wk3 Lesson
2011_07_wk3 Memorization Handout
Lina Youssef
Saint Paul 2011_07_wk4 Maged Shaker
Repentance and Confession 2011_08_wk1 Lesson
2011_08_wk1 Handout
Lina Youssef
Saints Cosman and Damian 2011_09_wk1 Handout Lina Youssef