For where your treasure is , there your heart will be also(Matthew 6:21)

Sunday School ( Grade 3)

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Freely you have received, freely give.

Monthly Curriculum

Bible Curriculum

Spiritual & Special Topics (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
Pope Cyril IV 2012_9_wk4 Nardine Yassa
Elijah and the Widow 2012_10_wk2 Christine Mahrous
Bible Study 2 (Saul is made King of Israel) 2012_10_wk3 Nardine Yassa
Angels sent for missions 2012_12_wk1 Dina Megalla
Savior Angel DM 2012_12_wk2 Dina Megalla
Angels and Glorification 2012_12_wk3 Christine Yassa
David as King: the beginning of his reign 2012_12_wk4 Nardine Yassa
Jonah 2013_1_wk2 Christine Yassa
The widow and 2 coins 2013_1_wk2 Dina Megalla
Moses 2013_1_wk3 Christine Mahrous
Solomon Turns From the Lord 2013_2_wk3 Dina Megalla
Cornelius 2013_3_wk1 Nardine Yassa
Uses of the Cross 2013_3_wk2 Dina Megalla
St. Paul and St. Silas 2013_3_wk3 Christine Mahrous
Spiritual & Special Topics (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
Power of Cross 2011_09_wk3 Thao Gawargy
God calls Moses 2011_09_wk4 Nermin Ibrahim
Warnings for Pharaoh 2011_10_wk1 Thao Gawargy
Passover 2011_10_wk2 Nermin Ibrahim
Crossing Red Sea 2011_10_wk3 Thao Gawargy
The Pillar Of Cloud And The Pillar Of Fire 2011_10_wk4 Nermin Ibrahim
Manna and Quail 2011_10_wk5 Thao Gawargy
Water from the Rock 2011_11_wk1 Nermin Ibrahim
The ten Commandments 2011_11_wk3 Thao Gawargy
Ark of Covenant 2011_11_wk4 Thao Gawargy
The Bronze Serpent 2011_11_wk4 Makram Guirguis
Water from the Rock 2011_12_wk2 Nermin Ibrahim
Sun Stood Still 2011_12_wk3 Thao Gawargy
Adam 2011_12_wk4 Nermin Ibrahim
Christ Was Born In A Manger 2011_12_wk5 Nermin Ibrahim
Jesus Baptized 2012_1_wk2 Thao Gawargy
The First Disciples 2012_1_wk2 Nermin Ibrahim
St. Maximus and St. Domatius 2012_1_wk4 Sandra Mentiady
Manoah and Angel 2012_1_wk5 Thao Gawargy
LET’S GO FISHING 2012_2_wk1 Sandra Mentiady
The Widow’s two coins 2012_2_wk3 Nermin Ibrahim
Confirmation 2012_3_wk1 Sandra Mentiady
The Power Of Christ When Crucified Revealed 2012_3_wk3 Nermin Ibrahim
Jesus appear to Mary Magdelene 2012_4_wk4 Thao Gawargy
Abaraham The man of faith 2011_5_wk2 Makram Guirguis
Who should I ask so I can change 2012_6_wk1 Sandra Mentiady
How can I change(Parable_of_Talents) 2011_6_wk2 Makram Guirguis
How can I change others 2012_6_wk3 Sandra Mentiady
Jeopardy mid-Mahragan 2012 Review 2012_6_wk4 Sandra Mentiady
Prime 2nd litany 2011_7_wk1 Makram Guirguis
Jeopardy Mahragan part2 2012_7_wk2 Sandra Mentiady
Intercession 2012_8_wk3 Nermin Ibrahim
Spiritual & Special Topics (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
Nehemiah Chapter 8 2010_06_wk3 Lesson Paul Tokuda
St Stephen and his Vision 2010_09_wk2 Ramez El Khanagry
Rebecca and her 5 Children 2010_09_wk3 Lesson Fabiola Tokuda
St Tekla the First Female Martyr 2010_10_wk1 Lesson Fabiola Tokuda
Anba Abraam 2010_11_wk1 Lesson Fabiola Tokuda
Censer and Incense 2010_11_wk2 Lesson Ramez El Khanagry
Manoah and the Angel 2010_11_wk3 Lesson
2010_11_wk3 Handout
Fabiola Tokuda
Jesus in the Temple 2010_11_wk4 Lesson Fabiola Tokuda
The Lost Sheep 2011_02_wk1 Lesson Dina Megalla
Jesus Heals the Man at Bethesda 2011_02_wk3 Lesson Fabiola Tokuda
Making and Living in Peace - Abraham and Lot 2011_02_wk4 Lesson Ramez El Khanagry
Joseph Faith Leads to Success 2011_03_wk1 Lesson Dina Megalla
Discovering of the Cross 2011_03_wk3 Lesson Ramez El Khanagry
Samuel 2011_03_wk4 Lesson Fabiola Tokuda
David 2011_04_wk1 Lesson Dina Megalla
David and Goliath 2011_05_wk3 Lesson Ramez El Khanagry
The Bronze Serpent 2011_06_wk2 Nermin Ibrahim
Mahragan - Christ is Our Life 2011_06_wk3 Lesson Nermin Ibrahim
Based on
Abigail and David (no PPT) 2011_06_wk4 Lesson Dina Megalla
Jesus Taught me to be Kind 2011_07_wk3 Lesson Nermin Ibrahim
Hope 2011_07_wk4 Lesson Nermin Ibrahim
Praise 2011_08_wk1 Lesson Ramez El Khanagry
Mahragan Revision Questions 2011_08_wk2 Nermin Ibrahim
Jeopardy Mahragan Review 2011_08_wk2 Fabiola Tokuda
The Ten Lepers 2011_09_wk1
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