clearly you are an epistle of Christ ministered by us (2 Corinthians 3:3)

Sunday School ( Grade 2)

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Freely you have received, freely give.

Monthly Curriculum

Bible Curriculum

Spiritual & Special Topics (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
BibleStudy Samuel 2012_9_wk2 Dina Megalla
Pope Cyril IV Father of Reform 2012_9_wk3 Maryam
Elisha and the widow 2012_10_wk1 Christine Yassa
Elisha and the widow 2012_10_wk2 Maryam
Bible Lesson The Children of Israel- Journey in the Wilderness 2012_11_wk3 Maryam
The angel who is sent to do a mission 2012_12_wk1 John Rezk
The Bronze Serpent/ Balaam and Balak 2012_12_wk4 Maryam
Bible Lesson - Where is my strength? 2013_2_wk1 Maryam
WHO am I? 2013_2_wk2 John Rezk
Spiritual & Special Topics (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
St. Stephen 2011_09_wk2 Sally Samuel
The Cross 2011_09_wk3 Dina Megalla
God Calls Abraham 2011_09_wk4 Dina Megalla
Abrahams Separation From Lot 2011_10_wk1 Dina Megalla
Lot and his wife 2011_10_wk2 Dalia Choucrallah
God Cares for Hagar and Israel 2011_10_wk3 Dina Megalla
Cloud and Pillar of Light 2011_10_wk4 Dalia Choucrallah
Quail and Manna 2011_10_wk5 Dina Megalla
Moses at the Mountain Receiving the Ten 2011_11_wk1 Dina Megalla
The Ark Of Covenant 2011_11_wk2 Dina Megalla
The Murmuring of the Jewsand their Punishment 2011_11_wk3 Dina Megalla
The Falling of Jericho 2011_12_wk2 Nardine Yassa
Mahragan Review 2011_12_wk3 Dina Megalla
Garden of Eden most recent 2011_12_wk4 Christine Yassa
St. John the Baptist baptizes Jesus 2012_1_wk1 Nardine Yassa
Mahragan Review (2) 2012_1_wk2 Dina Megalla
The Twelve Disciples 2012_1_wk3 Sherine Bishara
Saint Maximus & Saint Dometius 2012_1_wk4 Dina Megalla
The Tower of Babylon 2012_2_wk1 Nardine Yassa
Pope Kyrillos 2012_2_wk3 Sherine Bishara
The Widow's Two Coins 2012_2_wk4 Dina Megalla
Confirmation word 2012_3_wk1 Christine
Jesus Heals A Blind Man At Bethsaida 2012_3_wk2 Nardine Yassa
The Power Of Christ When Crucified Revealed 2012_3_wk4 Dina Megalla
Why Should I Change 2012_5_wk3 Dina Megalla
The repentance of Paul of Tarsus 2012_5_wk4 Dina Megalla
Who Should I ask to Change 2012_6_wk2 Dina Megalla
Review 2012_8_wk2 Dina Megalla
Spiritual & Special Topics (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
Nayrouz & St Stephen 2010_09_wk2 Handout Thao Gawargy
St Rebecca 2010_09_wk3 Handout Thao Gawargy
Feast of the Cross 2010_09_wk4 Handout Thao Gawargy
St Thecla 2010_10_wk1 Handout Thao Gawargy
Adam and Eve 2010_10_wk2 Handout Thao Gawargy
Joshua crossing the Jordan 2010_10_wk3 Handout Thao Gawargy
St Philip & Creation 2010_10_wk4 Handout Thao Gawargy
St Roweis & Staying Pure and Holy 2010_10_wk5 Handout Thao Gawargy
Anba Abraam 2010_11_wk1 Handout Thao Gawargy
Censer and Incense (no PPT) 2010_11_wk2 Handout Thao Gawargy
Manoah and Angel 2010_11_wk3 Handout Thao Gawargy
The Lord in the Temple 2010_11_wk4 Handout Thao Gawargy
St Mercurius 2010_12_wk1 Handout Thao Gawargy
St Nicholas 2010_12_wk2 Handout Thao Gawargy
Feast of Epiphany (no PPT) 2011_01_wk1 Handout Thao Gawargy
Flight to Egypt 2011_01_wk5 Handout Thao Gawargy
The Lost Sheep (no PPT) 2011_02_wk1 Handout Sally Samuel
Jesus Calms the Storm 2011_02_wk2 Handout Thao Gawargy
Jesus Heals the Man at Bethesda 2011_02_wk3 Lesson
2011_02_wk3 Handout
Word Search courtesy of
Sally Samuel
Abraham and Lot 2011_02_wk4 Handout Thao Gawargy
Joseph 2011_03_wk1 Lesson Sally Samuel
Moses 2011_03_wk2 Handout Thao Gawargy
The Feast of the Cross 2011_03_wk3 Lesson Nermin Ibrahim
Samuel 2011_03_wk4 Lesson
Bible Puzzle courtesy of
Sally Samuel
David 2011_04_wk1 Handout Thao Gawargy
The Holy Pascha (Passion Week) V2
The Holy Pascha (Passion Week) V1
2011_04_wk2 Lesson Nermin Ibrahim
Appearance to Thomas 2011_05_wk2 Handout Thao Gawargy
David and Goliath 2011_05_wk3 Lesson Nermin Ibrahim
Review of Lessons (JAN-MAY) 2011_05_wk4 Thao Gawargy
Mahragan - Jesus Gave Me a New Life 2011_06_wk1 Thao Gawargy
Based on
Mahragan Review 2011_06_wk3 Thao Gawargy
Mahragan - Jesus Teaches Me to Be Kind 2011_06_wk4 Thao Gawargy
Gideon 2011_07_wk1 Sally Samuel
Mahragan - Jesus teaches me to Thank Him 2011_07_wk3 Thao Gawargy
The Twelve Spies 2011_07_wk4 Sally Samuel
Mahragan Review 2011_08_wk1 Thao Gawargy
Elisha and the Jars of Oil 2011_08_wk3 Handout Thao Gawargy
Our Behaviour in Church (no PPT) 2011_08_wk4 Handout Thao Gawargy