Do not be carried about with various and strange doctrines (Hebrews 13:9)

Church Rites


Date Topic ( power point ) Hand out Home work Audio
May , 22nd 09   Introduction for Tokoos Questions  
June , 19th 09   The Holy Tradition    
July , 17th 09   The Holy Tradition Questions  
August, 21st 09       Church
Sept. , 18th 09   Church and church building    
Oct 09   Vessels Instruments Clergy Vestments    
Nov. 20th 09   Commentary on the Divine Liturgy main    
Dec. Structure of Divine Liturgy      
Jan. 29th 2010   Commentary on the Divine Liturgy main    
Feb. 12th 2010 Preparatory Activities      
Mar. The Offertory      
Apr. 30th 2010 The Anaphora      
Apr. 30th 2010 The Consecration Understanding the Liturgy    
May, 07th 2010 Final parts of the liturgy