Now the purpose of the commandment is love from a pure heart from a good conscience and from sincere faith (1 Timothy 1:5)

Sunday School (2012-2013)

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Freely you have received, freely give.

Monthly Curriculum

Bible Curriculum

Spiritual & Special Topics (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
Halloween Nardine Yassa
Sunday School Schedule Rami and Nermin
Grade2-3 Curriculum Rami and Nermin
Grade4-5 Curriculum Rami and Nermin
Grade6-7 Curriculum Rami and Nermin
Educational Liturgy Christine Mahrous
Books of the bible 2012_10_wk3 Christine Mahrous
Grade 2-3 Curriculum (January - February) Rami Zachari
Grade 4-5 Curriculum (January - February) Rami Zachari
Grade 6-7 Curriculum (January - February) Rami Zachari
Grade 1 (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
The Widow's 2 coins 2012_10_wk3 Magy
Angels 2012_12_wk2 Magy
Grade 2 (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
BibleStudy Samuel 2012_9_wk2 Dina Megalla
Pope Cyril IV Father of Reform 2012_9_wk3 Maryam
Elisha and the widow 2012_10_wk1 Christine Yassa
Elisha and the widow 2012_10_wk2 Maryam
Bible Lesson The Children of Israel- Journey in the Wilderness 2012_11_wk3 Maryam
The angel who is sent to do a mission 2012_12_wk1 John Rezk
The Bronze Serpent/ Balaam and Balak 2012_12_wk4 Maryam
Bible Lesson - Where is my strength? 2013_2_wk1 Maryam
WHO am I? 2013_2_wk2 John Rezk
Grade 3 (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
Pope Cyril IV 2012_9_wk4 Nardine Yassa
Elijah and the Widow 2012_10_wk2 Christine Mahrous
Bible Study 2 (Saul is made King of Israel) 2012_10_wk3 Nardine Yassa
Angels sent for missions 2012_12_wk1 Dina Megalla
Savior Angel DM 2012_12_wk2 Dina Megalla
Angels and Glorification 2012_12_wk3 Christine Yassa
David as King: the beginning of his reign 2012_12_wk4 Nardine Yassa
Jonah 2013_1_wk2 Christine Yassa
The widow and 2 coins 2013_1_wk2 Dina Megalla
Moses 2013_1_wk3 Christine Mahrous
Solomon Turns From the Lord 2013_2_wk3 Dina Megalla
Cornelius 2013_3_wk1 Nardine Yassa
Uses of the Cross 2013_3_wk2 Dina Megalla
St. Paul and St. Silas 2013_3_wk3 Christine Mahrous
Grade 4-5 Boys (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
Parable of the Sower 2012_9_wk1 Ramez El Khanagry
Bible Study 104 Lesson 1 2012_9_wk3 Ramez El Khanagry
Bible Study - Lesson 2 2012_10_wk3 Andrew Philip
St. Pishoy 2012_11_wk1 Maged Shaker
Respecting God's House (Eli the Priest) 2012_11_wk2 Ramez El Khanagry
Jesus disciples 2012_11_wk4 Maged Shaker
Elijah and the acceptance of his offering 2012_12_wk1 Ramez El Khanagry
The Church in the Apostolic Era 2012_12_wk2 Maged Shaker
Ezra 2012_12_wk4 Makram Guirguis
St. John and the repentant Thief 2013_1_wk2 Ramez El Khanagry
The rich person and Lazarus 2013_1_wk3 Andrew Philip
Bible Study - 104 Lesson 5 2013_2_wk1 Ramez El Khanagry
Jonah 2013_2_wk2 Maged Shaker
Grade 4-5 Girls (Powerpoint) St. Rebecca Document (Word) & Date Author
New Year Intro Lesson 2012_9_wk1 Nermin Ibrahim
The parable of the Sower 2012_9_wk1 Makram Guirguis
How to deal with other religions 2012_9_wk2 Sandra Mentiady
BIBLE 101 2012_9_wk4 Marina Rezk
Elijah and the widow (1) 2012_10_wk1 Makram Guirguis
Elijah and the widow (2) 2012_10_wk1 Sandra Mentiady
Bible 204 The Story of Elisha 2012_10_wk3 Marina Rezk
Eli the Priest 2012_11_wk2 Sandra Mentiady
Jesus disciples 2012_11_wk4 Gihan Hanna
Elijah the mountain man 2012_12_wk1 Nermin Ibrahim
Apostolic Era 2012_12_wk2 Marina Rezk
St. Paul 2012_12_wk3 Sandra Mentiady
Saint John and the repentant Thief 2013_1_wk2 Marina Rezk
The Widow’s two coins 2013_1_wk1 Nermin Ibrahim
The rich man and Lazarus 2013_1_wk3 Gihan Hanna
King Solomon 2013_1_wk4 Nermin Ibrahim
Jeopardy Esther 2013_2_wk1 Sandra Mentiady
Jonah and the whale (Confession) 2013_2_wk2 Gihan Hanna
Ruth and the love of neighbors 2013_2_wk2 Marina Rezk
Ruth and the love of neighbors 2013_2_wk3 Marina Rezk
Samaritan Woman 2013_3_wk1 Marina Rezk
The cross 2013_3_wk3 Gihan Hanna
Grade 6-7 Boys (Powerpoint) St. Abanoub Document (Word) & Date Author
Types of Martyrs 2012_9_wk2 Rami Zachari
The Characteristics of God 2012_11_wk1 Rami Zachari
Obedience 2012_12_wk3 Mina Rezk
Bride of Isaac 2012_12_wk4 Rami Zachari
Jesus and Our problems 2013_1_wk3 Mina Rezk
Prodigal Son 2013_2_wk1 Paul Tokuda
Beautiful Queen Esther 2013_2_wk3 Paul Tokuda
Eye Exam – The Born Blind 2013_3_wk3 Paul Tokuda
Grade 6-7 Girls (Powerpoint) St. Mary Document (Word) & Date Author
Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth 2012_9_wk1 Lina Youssef
Bible 201 2012_9_wk4 Lina Youssef
Bible 201 - Noah building the ark 2012_10_wk3 Lina Youssef
God is all Encompassing 2012_11_wk1 Myrna Megalla
Jesus’ Power over Death 2012_12_wk2 Lina Youssef
The Virtue of Obedience 2012_12_wk3 Myrna Megalla
Epiphany 2013_1_wk2 Lina Youssef
Ability of God to Solve our Problems 2013_1_wk3 Myrna Megalla
Jacob- Bible 2013_1_wk4 Lina Youssef
Joseph 2013_2_wk2 Lina Youssef
The Born Blind 2013_3_wk3 Myrna Megalla
Servants Topics (Powerpoint) Document (Word) & Date Author
Other Resources Document (Word) Author