Grace be with all those who love our Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity , Amen (Ephesians 6:24)

Pre-servants Course Material (2012-2013)

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Freely you have received, freely give.

Bible Study (Powerpoint) Document (Word) Author
B0 Bible course content (2012-10-14) BA0 Assignment Dr. Magdy Keriakos
Spiritual Life(Powerpoint) Document (Word) Author
Love (2012-10-20) & (2012-11-17) Ihab Mentiady
Life of Faith (2012-11-24) "Life of Faith" by HH Pope Shenouda's III Paul (Boulos) Roufail
Life of Prayer (2013-1-19) Paul (Boulos) Roufail
Life of Fasting (2013-3-2) Paul (Boulos) Roufail
Church Dogma and Comparative Theology (Powerpoint) Document (Word) Author
Church History (Powerpoint) Document (Word) Author
Church Rites (Powerpoint) Document (Word) Author
Other Topics (Powerpoint) Document (Word) Author